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Professor in Computer Science Dept. at Federal University of Bahia


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Oliveira, Luciano. Semantically Integrating

Laser and Vision in Pedestrian Detection.

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latest publications!


Grimaldo, José; Schnitman, Leizer and Oliveira, Luciano. Constraining image object search by multi-scale spectral residue analysis, In: Elsevier Pattern Recognition Letters, 2013.


Franco, Alexandre; Lima, Raul and Oliveira, Luciano. Person classification in images: an unbiased analysis from multiple poses and situation. In: Simpósio Brasileiro de Automação Inteligente (SBAI), 2013.


Duarte, C. ; Souza, Tiago; Alves, Raul; Shwartz, William; Oliveira, Luciano. Re-identifying People based on Indexing Structure and Manifold Appearance Modeling. In: SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns, and Images, 2013.


Mendonça, Marcelo; Linder, Marcelo; Schnitman, Leizer; Nunes, Urbano and Oliveira, LucianoLearning to segment roads for traffic analysis in urban images. In: IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2013.


Oliveira, Luciano and Nunes, UrbanoPedestrian detection based on LIDAR-driven sliding window and relational parts-based detection. In: IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2013.


Sobral, Andrews; Oliveira, Luciano; Schnitman, Leizer; Souza, Felippe. (Best Paper) Highway Traffic Congestion Classification Using Holistic Properties. In: International Conference on Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications, 2013.


Souza, Tiago; Schnitman, Leizer and Oliveira, Luciano. Eigen analysis and gray alignment for shadow detection applied to urban scene images, In: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles, 2012


Silva, Grimaldo; Schnitman, Leizer; Oliveira, Luciano. Multi-scale spectral residual analysis to speed up image object detection, SIBGRAPI, 2012. 


Santos, Eduardo; Jorge, Eduardo; Neves, Gustavo; Oliveira, Luciano; Santos Geovane; Junior, Nilton. US Patent. Method for Restoration of Blurred Barcode Image, registered number: 13/338,988, 2013 (Asignee: Samsung)


Santos, Eduardo; Jorge, Eduardo; Martins, Fernando; Pereira, Ana; Neves, Gustavo; Oliveira, Luciano. US Patent. Method and System for Make-up Simulation on Portable Devices Having Digital Cameras, registered number: 13/338,554, 2013 (Asignee: Samsung)


Oliveira, Luciano; Jorge, Eduardo; Filho, Alberto; Costa, Victor; Neves, Gustavo; Oliveira, Talmai. US Patent. System for Food Recognition Method Using Portable Devices Having Digital Camera, registered number: 12/981,634, 2012 (Asignee: Samsung)



project funding.

Network research on multi-range and multi-expectral images. This is a multi-institutional project involving UFBA, UESB and UESF, sponsored by FAPESB.


SPACES 4D. People multi-tracking using multi-camera. This is a multi-institutional project involving Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and Campinas University (UNICAMP), and sponsored by RNP-CTIC.


GET-IN. Detection of traffic congestion in the same way of people do. Besides, the goal is to analyze various crossed roads to infer the least time between two points in a map. The project is sponsored by (FAPESB).